Night 13 – LIVESTREAM – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Prayer after Sunset – Windsor Islamic Association – WIA – 1320 Northwood Street

Windsor Islamic Association livestreamed their first ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Prayer after Sunset, on Tuesday evening.

By Maghrib Sunset Time, the Masjid’s parking lot was full of cars.

Muslims remained inside their cars, practising physical distancing.

Others waited while standing outside, also practising physical distancing, some wearing masks.

Doors of the building facing the parking lot were open, allowing the Adhan being broadcast from loudspeakers inside to reach Muslims listening from outside.

Adhan was also broadcast from loudspeakers attached to the outside of the minaret.

Having heard Adhan Al Maghrib start, Windsor Muslims then broke their fasts.

The livestream uniquely takes us on a walk from outside on the parking, walking into the Masjid, finally arriving inside the main prayer hall to see Imam Mohamed Al Jammali calling Adhan Al Maghrib . . .

At the five minute mark of the livestream, Imam Mohamed Al Jammali takes the smartphone from the brother recording then shares an emotional commentary from inside the masjid while looking at the Muslims in their cars outside in the parking lot.


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