Night 16 – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Prayer After Sunset – Qadeemi Markazi Hussaini Association Of Calgary – 4755 34 St SE – Calgary

السلام علیکم
Peace Be Upon You All

1st time in Calgary AB Canada at Qadeemi Markazi Hussaini Association of Calgary (Main Shia Muslims Islamic Centre located at 4755-34 Street SE Calgary AB) the City Of Calgary has permitted Public Adhaan ( Call To Prayer ).

We thank those who made this possible, Especially Councillor George Chahal, Minister Sawhany, and Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 Guidelines we could not have a gathering, but we pray to Allah S.W.T to cure this rapidly spreading diseases and for the well being of everyone.”

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