30 MORE | VIDEO – Fajr Athan 26th day of Ramadan 1442 – Qur’an Recitation – IIT – Islamic Institute of Toronto

Each morning during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2021,


Islamic Institute of Toronto,

has been livetreaming Adhan Al Fajr,

The Call to Prayer at Dawn,

heard while displaying a montage of Masjids from Around The World.

Because IIT’s livestreaming of Fajr Adhan is not exactly timed to match the beginning of Dawn,

We can’t use it to observe when we should stop eating our Suhoor, our pre-dawn meal before starting each day’s fast.

If IIT did so,

Perhaps I would stream it every morning in our house.

Often, by the time the Fajr Livestream begins, we have already prayed our Fajr.


IIT then streams Qur’an Recitation by different reciters each morning.

Today’s Qari is Mohamed Abdel Aziz.

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