Day 4 – Imam Ashraf – Pre-Iftar Talks – Sayeda Khadija Centre – Mississauga

Sayeda Khadija Centre hosts Pre-Iftar Talks on both Saturdays and Sundays each weekend during Ramadan 2023.

If you can’t make it out in person to listen and learn from, you can still watch Pre-Iftar Talks via livestream found on the Live tab on Faith of Life Network’s Youtube channel.

On this first Sunday of Ramadan, we prayed Asr at home then headed out to Sayeda Khadija Centre at 7150 Edwards Blvd. in Mississauga, Ontario.

Sometimes simply called SK Centre, this has been our Home Masjid for the duration of The Pandemic.

For those not attending tonight’s Pre-Iftar Talk, there is also a Drive-By Iftar Pick-up service available until they run out of prepared take-away Iftar Dinners.

Official graphic logo signage welcomes everyone arriving from the Edwards Blvd. front side of the building.

Into the beginning of the 1990s, there was still often a Quality Gap in presentation and presentation materials of Muslim stuff.

It was hard enough to organize, publicize, and succeed in creating Islamic projects, Design was lower as a priority than producing and realizing results.

A photocopy of a photocopy of photocopy handed out after Friday Prayers with necessary information was a given, with its table crumbs quality.

Why would it be any different??

That was during my Muslim childhood observations in Toronto.


Design and Identity and Values and Consistent Messaging are table stakes for Muslim Organizations and increasingly for Masjids.

Would you want to donate to a masjid with a crappy sign hanging out front?

How would Muslim kids feel when they saw that is where their parents are taking them to pray?

Sayeda Khadija Centre has had their logo almost from the beginning, if not from its very founding.

In the months leading into Ramadan 2023, the printed signage on the parking lot facing west side of the building now matches the one on the front of the centre.

The sign looks good and is easily recognizable from a distance at night as its colours fully light up.

This will likely become an important landmark for passengers riding the Hurontario Light Rail Train.

The LRT public transit line is currently under construction, along Highway 10/Hurontario Street.

Metrolinx held an information table inside Sayeda Khadija Centre a few Fridays before Ramadan to answer questions about the Derry LRT Station which will service the Masjid.

Light Rail isn’t the only Public Transit passing Sayeda Khadija Centre.

The masjid is immediately underneath the flight path of planes departing from or arriving at Pearson International Airport.

Looking up in the moments between walking from the car to the entrance of the masjid and this plane flew by overhead.

A regular occurance.

I don’t think aerial sounds have ever been loud enough to disrupt services inside.

Still kind of cool to look up and view the underbelly of an Airbus whenever it passes by.



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