Day 4 – Reflections on Islam – Special Ramadan 2022 Daily Radio/Livestream Program

Reflections on Islam

Special Ramadan 2022 Daily Radio Program

Hosted by Ezzedin Gad

Livestreams began on Friday April 1 2022 and continues every evening until Tuesday May 3 2022.

Starts 30 minutes before Maghrib/Sunset according to Toronto Local Time.

Today’s program began at 7:25 p.m.

Ramadan in Toronto without Reflections on Islam, well, Alhumdulillah we don’t have to think about that this year.

This Radio program really is an unmistakable part of Toronto’s Muslim History and Toronto’s Muslim Heritage.

This program must have provided an important connection during these past two Pandemic Ramadan Lockdowns when masjids were closed then opened then closed and closed again.

For some not quite ready to break fast inside a masjid this third Ramadan of the Pandemic, this daily livestream is still here for you to hear.

So today, Day 4 of Ramadan 2022, we livestreamed the Ramadan Program while we prepared Iftar, and waited until Sunset according to Toronto local time.

We didn’t have to watch the clock.

We only had to wait and listen for Adhan Al Maghrib on today’s Ramadan Radio Program Livestream…

Livestream :

Only listeners in Ontario can livestream online at this time.

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