Day 31 – 2nd Eid Al Fitr Salat – 10 a.m. – Sayeda Khadija Centre – Faith of Life Network – 7150 Edwards Blvd – Mississauga, Ontario

Eid Mubarak !

We decided to attend the 2nd Eid Al Fitr Prayer at Sayeda Khadija Centre this morning.

I have a good number of photographs to edit and post, and videos too!

But I want to enjoy my Eid day first,

So I’m embedding the following tweets and instagrams for now.

InshAllah I tweet a thread with my videos from the 2nd Eid al Fitr Salat at Sayeda Khadija Centre,

and then either embed those tweets or include those videos directly into this post.

Again from me,


Eid Mubarak Everybody !

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