Day 27 – VIDEO – Making Green Squares for people to wear during “The History of Muslims in Toronto” Jane’s Walk on Sunday May 8 2022

I am leading a Jane’s Walk titled The History of Muslims in Toronto on Sunday May 8 2022.

A walk such as mine, at this time in Canada’s history, cannot be complete with proper acknowledgement about the events in Ste-Foy Québec, about Our London Family and also killing of Mohamed Aslin-Zafis in front of the International Muslims Organization of Toronto.

The Green Square Campaign helps us remember, and helps us gently remind others, of the Quebec City Mosque Attack on Sunday January 29 2017.

Today I am making the Green Squares to be handed out and hopefully worn by people who join the walk.

These Green Squares are for anyone who wishes to wear one during my History of Muslims in Toronto Jane’s Walk on Sunday May 8 2022.

I making enough Green Squares for everyone who wants one, InshAllah.

My Jane’s Walk begins at 4 p.m. on the southwest corner of Annette Street and Runnymede Road.

The walk will end inside Jami Mosque around 6:30 p.m.

Please join if you can.

Everyone is welcome.

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