Day 20 – Jami Mosque – Islamic Centre of Toronto – 56 Boustead Avenue, Roncesvalles Village


On Boustead Avenue west of here is Jami Mosque,

One of the first Muslim congregations in Toronto.

In 1961,

The Muslim Society of Toronto established a mosque in a former leather shop in the Junction.

Membership grew and,

Seven years later,

It purchased a deconsecrated 1930 Presbyterian church on Boustead,

Where it continues to serve the community today.

A Jami mosque is the main mosque in a town or city that is usually the gathering place for Friday services and prayer.”

After prayer Dhuhr inside the Parkdale Islamic Education Centre / Masjid Hamza on Queen Street West,

I decided to quickly walk from Parkdale to Roncesvalles Village to visit Jami Mosque.

If I recall properly,

this is my first time being inside Toronto’s mother masjid since the Pandemic began.

I keep forgetting just how many Ramadans it’s been.

This is the Ummah’s third Pandemic Ramadan.

Jami Mosque, the Islamic Centre of Toronto, has appeared on 30 Masjids many times.

If you want to know more about Ramadans inside Jami Mosque,

a good place to start is on Day 1 of Ramadan 2011.

This afternoon, a small surprise.

A couple of minutes before three o’clock.

At least five more hours until Maghrib Sunset Time when it will be time to break the fast.

Yet a tableful of plates with dates are already prepared for fasters to break their fast.

This might be the earliest time of day I have ever witnessed a masjid with their Iftar table all set up.

On occasion, my kid brother Amir says,

“If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.”

On Day 20 of Ramadan 2022, Jami Mosque did not wait until that very last minute.

Far, far from it.

I’ve already prayed Dhuhr in congregation in Parkdale.

It’s much too early for the late afternoon prayer, Asr.

So I opt to offer two nafil rakats (units) of voluntary prayer.

It’s known as Salat Al Masjid which is the two rakats of voluntary prayer done whenever one enters a masjid’s prayer hall.

During spring and autumn months,

the orientation of the building with its two storey tall arched stained glass windows,

allows a quality of daylight which seems to dance upon the Masjid’s carpet and walls.

I had also wanted to visit Jami Mosque to confirm a few details for my History of Muslims in Toronto Jane’s Walk.

My Jane’s Walk begins on Sunday May 8 2022 at 4 p.m. on the southwest corner of Annette Street and Runnymede Road.

The walk will end inside Jami Mosque around 6:30 p.m.

Please join The History of Muslims in Toronto Jane’s Walk if you can.

Everyone is welcome.

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