Day 19 – VIDEO – First IIT No-Contact Iftar Drive-Thru & Cupcake Pickup – Islamic Institute of Toronto – 1630 Nielson Road, Scarborough

We had to wait until the second half of Ramadan 2021,

For IIT to host their First Drive-Thru Iftar of the year.

This is technically IIT’s Second Annual Drive-Thru Cupcake pickup too!

Gates would open at 5 p.m.

We arrived a dozen minutes early.

Incidentally we pre-ordered a dozen cupcakes.

We were the third car in what became a line of cars along southbound curb lane of Nielson Road.


IIT organized and executed well.

Volunteer at the front gate directed drivers into one of two queues in separate areas of the parking lot.

One queue for Pre-Ordered Cupcake Pick Ups,

Second queue for Drive-Thru Iftar only Pick Up.

Before entering into the smaller parking area where the pick ups happen . . .

This volunteer brother informed us where to park if we were also making monetary donations to IIT today.

I believe it was Brother Fareed Amin who greeted us and confirmed our Cupcake pre-order at the first set of open doors.

Unlike Ramadan 2020’s Cupcake Drive-Thru,

Instead of one Large Plastic Container holding 12 Cupcakes,

And a smaller size Plastic Container holding 6 Cupcakes,

IIT only used the smaller six space Cupcake holders this year.

This allowed flexibility in mixing and matching multiples of 6,

Of all Chocolate, all Vanilla, or one of each like our pre-order of 12 Cupcakes.

Any mathematician will recognize this decision as wise.

The second set of open doors were for Iftar Pickup.

Which was quick, with two Iftars per paper bag.

Also wise ?

The portion size of the Biryani Chicken, with Tender Beef hidden inside the rice (!)

Just enough food but not too much.

IIT’s Drive-Thru Iftar was Balanced.

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