Day 15 – Third Friday: Third Jumah in Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International

The Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International has appeared on 30 Masjids twice last year on Day 0 & Day 14.

For the middle Jumah in Ramadan 2012, my brother Amir and I decided to meet there and pray the Friday Prayer together.

We each arrived early enough to be able to grab a spot in the first line to the right of the mimbar.

The second Adhan was called.

Shabbir Ally, founder of the Dawah Centre, would be delivering today’s Khutbah, or Sermon. As always, his is an up-to-date modern take on things going on in today’s world. He employs numerous examples taken from today’s headlines, including the Olympics which are happening now in London.

UPDATED: I audio recorded this Khutbah and will update this blog post by including it once it’s ready.



During the Khutbah, Imam Shabbir Ally made great emphasis and laid great encouragement in supporting the establishing of a Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto.

Brothers from the University of Toronto Muslim Students’ Association (@UofTMSA)  were present today to collect donations to help reach their 70 in 70 fundraising targets.

When established, this will be the first Muslim Chaplaincy (@mcuoft) on Campus of any University in Canada.

U of T has 30 full-time and part-time chaplains in total.

There are 3,000 to 3,500 Muslim students at Universtiy of Toronto.

The part time Imam who volunteered his service is now retiring.

It really is important.

Take a listen from the students themselves, and consider helping out this Ramadan

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  1. As Salaam, do you think you can record and share more sermons of this wonderful man?

    Thanks, really like your site.


    A Huge Shabir Ally Fan!