CANADA | Day 17 – VIDEO: Canada’s Masjid “Qiblatain” – 247 Hazelwood Avenue – Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Madinah, there is the original Masjid Qiblatain. The original Qiblah, or direction during prayer, was towards the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem.

The Prophet Muhammad, Upon Whom be Peace, recieved Revelation that the Qiblah would change from facing North-West and Jerusalem to South, and facing the Kaabah in Makkah.

Winnipeg’s first and oldest masjid, at 247 Hazelwood Avenue in the St. Vital neighbourhood was constructed at a time of questioning by North American Muslims of the then South-East direction towards Makkah, and whether we should face North-East.

That discussion had consequences for Winnipeg’s Muslims, as they ended up building a masjid with Two Qiblahs.

The masjid at 247 Hazelwood, is Canada’s own Masjid Qiblatain.

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