behind schedule

Between blogging and fasting, 30 Masjids is behind in daily postings.

Upcoming are Islamic Institute of Toronto, Fatih Mosque, and the Bosnian Islamic Centre.

InshAllah, we’ll catch up.

We may also have our first guest blog entry by a sister later this week.

Want to share your experience in breaking fast? Guest bloggers are welcome, please leave a reply below and we’ll connect.


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  1. I can do one Masjid for you here in Ohio. If your interested let me know. We have only one week to go.

    • Elyas,

      An Ohio Guest Blog would be fantastic !

      Email any length, with links or any audio / visual / video attachments to :

      GuestBlogging @

      If you want to write about anything else Ramadan related, beyond your masjid iftar, please do so.

      Including at least one photo makes a world of difference.

      Looking forward to reading it.