30 MORE | VIDEO – Jumah – Good Friday 2010 – Mesquita Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (R.A.) – Curitiba, Brazil

On Good Friday 2010, I found myself in Curitiba, Brazil. I joined the congregation and performed Jumah Prayers inside Curitiba’s ONLY Masjid, Mesquita Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (R.A.).

Prayers were lead by Imam Ibrahimi, who incidentally, happened to be from Toronto! We knew the same people. He had been Imam for a few years and helped bring life back into the City’s Muslim Community.

Notably, and perhaps an important lesson for Muslims worldwide, is that BOTH Sunni and Shia Muslims share this Masjid and pray side by side, prayer by prayer.

An excellent demonstration of being “SuShi” Muslims.

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