30 MORE | VIDEO – Spider-Man hears The Adhan in Manhattan . . . Rides The Rocket with Batman in Toronto


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Much respect to Brother Spider-Man 🙏😂😂 ‏لو سبايدر مان كان مسلم

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“…From a prayer guide published by the Turkish department of religious affairs and was geared towards teaching praying (salat in Arabic and Namaz in Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali) to children.”

“The second image is supposed to be a spoof of the first one and was created by the more secular elements of the Turkish society to illustrate their viewpoint of the new influence of religion in the public sphere.”

Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad, IslamSciFi.com

Which brings us to that time I was riding the rocket in Toronto . . .

The Toronto Batman vs Toronto Spider-Man.



The Qur’an and the Miracle of the Spider : “… if they but knew.”


[gview file=”http://30Masjids.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/navedz.com-The-Quran-and-the-Miracle-of-the-Spider-if-they-but-knew.pdf” title=”navedz.com-The Quran and the Miracle of the Spider if they but knew”]



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