Day 12 – Drive-By Ziyarat – Islamic Foundation of Toronto – ( Nugget Mosque ) – 441 Nugget Avenue – Scarborough

En route to Jame Abu Bakr Masjid, Scarborough Muslim Association, to experience their Drive-Thru Iftar Pick Up,

We decided to drive down Markham Road and at least Drive-By one of our Favourite Masjids,

The Islamic Foundation of Toronto . . .



Before we broke our First Fast on Day 1 of Ramadan 2020,

We had livestreamed Shaikh Yūsuf Badāt’s pre-Iftar 30 minute Ramadān Special Program from The Islamic Foundation of Toronto.

Today, Alhumdulillah, we’re driving by, seeing IFT Live & in person.

We have Drive-Thru Iftars because of Pandemic Lockdown of Masjids,

Why not have Drive-By . . . Ziyarats . . . ?

I just made that up.

Ziyarat comes from Arabic: زار‎ “to visit”.

Okay, so I didn’t just make that up. Muslims have always been visiting Masjids.

I did however just invent the term “Drive-By Ziyarat” . . . for the purpose of this and future 30 Masjids blog entries about Driving By Masjids and Islamic Centres that are closed due to COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown especially during Ramadan 2020.

And because you are Islamic Foundation of Toronto,

Why not also have Drive-Thru Masjid Office Hours  ?

By using your now Pandemic Lockdown Empty Masjid Parking Lot . . .

IFT Drive-Through Office Now Open


“Islamic Foundation of Toronto is pleased to announce that we have now opened a drive-through office in the Masjid parking lot.

This was done due to significant demand from our community, and will be open during Ramadan for any community inquiries and services.

Please note our hours:

– – Daily from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM – –

Please note that although our drive-through office will be open,

The rest of the Islamic Foundation facilities and services will remain closed until the restrictions are lifted by the authorities.


Islamic Foundation of Toronto has been working diligently with our volunteers and community leaders to provide virtually conducted programs for our communities.

Although the physical facilities are closed,

Islamic Foundation is still here to support our community and want to encourage you to join us virtually.”



Heading south on Markham Road towards Islamic Foundation of Toronto

Through the intersection with Nugget Avenue, felix culpa Nugget Mosque

Final look at Islamic Foundation of Toronto completing 30 Masjids first-ever Drive-By Ziyarat . . .


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