30 MORE | Montreal ?

This was kind of a tough decision. And also an easy one.

When 30Masjids began two years in Toronto, the idea of going across Canada was always my intention.

Last year, even though I was biking around the Greater Toronto Area, Privately, I was also stuck in Toronto uniquely helping a brother out, who, perhaps now is ungrateful for that help, Go Figure. If it wasn’t for helping him out, going across Canada last year was the original plan.

Half the number of Muslims in Canada live in Ontario. And half the Muslims in Ontario live in the Greater Toronto Area.

The first two years of 30 Masjids were Greater Toronto Area, this year has been around Ontario with now two quick hops across the Ottawa River into Quebec.

InshAllah, if 30 Masjids continues for another year, it will be 30 Masjids Canada.

And a few stops in Montreal will be part of that journey.

InshAllah, Ameen.


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