30 MORE | Day 17 – VIDEO – “I’m Missing Masjid Days” – Twin sister duo Aint Afraid created this song for Ramadan

“I’m missing masjid days,

masjid praise

I’m missing aunties and uncles with all their masjid slays

I’m missing sisters and brothers

I’m missing lovin’ each other

I’m missing all around town,

mega family and cousins

I’m missing leg fall asleep at the khutbah

After Eid prayers

barbecues and the cookouts

Ramadan feasts is when everybody hood out

Giving all this charity

so we can throw some good out

I’m talking Qur’an class on the weekends

Aunties in the kitchen making sure we get that feed in

Everybody’s daddy was my uncle for no reason

Chillin’ on the brothers side,

so young enough to sneak in

Or so we thought it

Happy Ramadan”

Aint Afraid

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