Night 8 – VIDEO – Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Sunset Prayer – SNMC – South Nepean Muslim Community – 3020 Woodroffe Avenue – Barrhaven – Nepean, Ontario

Sara Salah :

“Gazak ALAH khair….

But if everyone is inside his car it will not be a problem…

they accept for this decision for muslims to be happy how we could hear the azan if we didn’t come close

..we can’t park at the side streets ..

So I think it’s better to announce that everyone have to be inside his car and no one go out it’s better in my opinion..”

This is a very good suggestion from Sister Sara.

Masjids doing Public Adhans can tell Muslims driving into their parking lots, to hear Call to Sunset Prayer from inside their cars.

At Sunset, Break your Fast.

But Don’t Break Physical Distancing !

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