Day 31 – Fajr – Eid Al Fitr – Ajyal Islamic Centre – 181 Keefer Place – Vancouver – Unceded Coast Salish Territory – British Columbia, Canada

Ajyal Islamic Centre in Vancouver delayed their regular Fajr Prayer time,

shown in this first image,

until 4:45 a.m. on the morning of Eid Al Fitr 2020.

This was done to bring it closer to the time for Eid Al Fitr Prayer, which is in the next image . . .

Eid Al Fitr Prayer, that you see above, was performed shortly after 6:05 a.m.

Ajyal Islamic Centre had previously closed completely as of March 20 2020 :

“Under the guidance of the Office of the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia and City of Vancouver,

we have temporarily closed the center until further notice.

During this time:

  • There will be NO scheduled Daily Prayers
  • There will be NO Jummah Prayers
  • There will be no in-center educational or social programs
  • All Ramadan activities remain suspended
  • All educational programs have switched to Online format.”


During the complete closure, on March 30 2020 there was break-in.

“…Around 4:20 pm two individuals broke the backdoor lock (sister’s entrance) and robbed the Masjid.

They caused a fair amount of damage to the center and stole a number of items.

We are still trying to conduct an full inventory but rough estimates put the damages and loss at around $5000.

We have reported the break-in to the Police and handed all relevant video footage.

Please continue to remember the Center in your Dua.”

If you want to help,

You can donate to Ajyal on their Donate Now webpage.


On May 2 2020, Day 9 of Ramadan 1441,

Ajyal Islamic Centre announced Limited Opening – Fajr and Isha . . .

“…As we navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic,

the Board has decided to open the Masjid for two prayers.

Starting today,

we will start praying Fajr and Isha prayers in congregation.

The social distances rules will be enforced and everyone is asked to bring in their own praying mats.

Currently we can accommodate a maximum of 30 people for each of the prayers.


Fajr and Isha iqama times will be 10+ after the Athan times published on the Ajyal Ramadan Timetable.


Ajyal Islamic Centre is my Home Masjid in Vancouver.

AIC has been tagged at least 32 times on this blog, so far.

If I was in the Lower Mainland today instead of being in Ontario,

I would have joined them for Fajr and Eid Al Fitr Prayers.




Eid Mubarak Vancouver !

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