Night 31 – Negative Moonsighting Report for Shawwal 1441 – Highway 410 at Highway 7 – Brampton, Ontario

Tonight after praying Maghrib at Home,

because that’s where you pray during a Pandemic Lockdown,

I went looking for the new crescent moon for the Month of Shawwal 1441.

I spent about 10 minutes searching, yet did not see the moon.

There is haze on the horizon, and you can the cloud covering in the photo.

For some reason, the planet Venus was extremely bright.

I can understand how someone could be mistaken and think they saw a very thin crescent when if fact what they were looking at was Venus.

This is a negative moonsighting report from Brampton, Ontario, Canada for Saturday May 23 2020.

For me and my household,

We are completing 30 Days of Fasting of Ramadan 1441 / 2020.

Eid Mubarak from me,

HiMY !

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