Night 2 – Walking to Fajr through Chinatown – Ajyal Islamic Centre – Vancouver

Home from White Rock Muslim Association and Day 1 of 30Masjids 2018… I haven’t slept yet.

But I am repeatedly grateful to God-Alone that I am not homeless. That I have shelter.

I feed myself dates, coffee, water, a lot of water, plus a Nutrition Drink.

That does it for Sahoor, the pre-dawn meal Muslim take before beginning the Day’s Fast.

On days that I wake up in time to join the congregational Fajr/Dawn prayer at Ajyal Islamic Centre, I often pass by this exact spot in Chinatown.

Recent weeks have seen a gradual increase in the overnight temperatures.

Not this morning though. I’m sporting my winter coat en route to Fajr Prayers.

It’s hovering around 10 degrees Celsius this morning.

Until very recently, this grate, with its very warm air being exhausted from a source I do not know, was the overnight bed for this person.

On this night, he lost his bed.

How? There are recently added metal handle things now attached to the grate.

Why? I only guess.

But I will say that the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. window banner is not helping this image much.

Moments later, I am doing Wudu and can perform my extra 2 Rakats, units, of prayer to accompany the Congregation Dawn Prayer at 3:30 a.m.

Adhan Al-Fajr, The Call to Dawn Prayer.

On my second morning of Ramadan 2018, a baker’s dozen of Muslims would perform the Fajr/Dawn Prayer.

One of the brothers offers three of us rides home, and we all accept.

I got home and I think I rested somewhat, without even thinking about it.

The homeless person who lost his bed, however kept returning to my mind.

It’s almost 7 a.m.

I am rushing past the same spot in Chinatown from earlier this morning.

This time I’m aiming to catch the TransLink Express Bus 257 to Horseshoe Bay and the Ferry to Nanaimo.

The homeless person is still by his spot.

This time, he isn’t sleep on the barriered grates.

He’s trying to absorb some of the warmth of the exhaust.

I am grateful for all that I have. I made the bus.


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