Day 7 – VIDEO – First Ever Public Adhan Al Dhuhr – Call to The Mid-Day Prayer – HDM – Hamilton Downtown Mosque – 221 York Boulevard – Hamilton, Ontario

Yesterday Day 6 of Ramadan 2020,

Hamilton City Council granted temporary permission to Downtown Hamilton Mosque and Hamilton Mountain Mosque to broadcast Adhan Al Dhuhr, Call to The Mid-Day Prayer, and Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Sunset Prayer.

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You may notice in the video, numerous people drove to hear this two minute, and parked cars away from each other practicing physical distancing . . .

This first week of Ramadan 2020 has seen City Councils in Southern Ontario, as well as Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia, grant temporary permission for broadcasting Public Adhans, Call to The Sunset Prayer.

The City of Hamilton Ontario lead the way in allowing not one, but Twice Day Public Adhans.

In Cities around the World, it is normal to hear The Call to Prayers echo in the urban soundscape for a few moments, five times a day.

Twenty or so years ago, I remember watching Jeanne Moos live on a sidewalk in New York reporting on CNN, and suddenly in the background The Call to Prayer began echoing within the caverns of Manhattan behind her.

In our Canadian Context, maybe two is the right number for now, Mid-Day around noon, then again at Sunset.

No City wants to be first, every city wants to be second.

When it comes to Twice Daily Public Adhans in Ramadan 2020,

The City of Hamilton was First.

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