Day 5 – VIDEO – Drive-Thru Iftar – Sayeda Khadija Centre – Faith of Life Network – 7150 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga

Sayeda Khadija Centre held its first Drive-Thru Iftar on Day 6 of Ramadan 2021.

We arrived shortly before the 6 p.m. Pickup start time,

but we arrived too early and had to drive around to wait a few more minutes.

It was raining lightly, though we could see blue sky working its way towards the masjid.


Parking Lot was transformed into a serpentine path marked with yellow caution tape attached to orange pylons,

Not unlike waiting in line at the Credit Union or in front of Amusement Park rides.

Our Car was the ride, name of the ride was Drive-Thru Iftar !

Dozens of Iftar Plates were placed on the table under the tent.

Moving forward towards our Iftar Pickup turn took almost no time at all.

6:01 p.m.

Cars did begin to appear and line up behind us, but everything was moving forward at a quick pace.

Volunteer asks how many Iftars are we picking up ?

Four Iftars for the Four of us inside the car.

Volunteer picks up two double bagged Iftar Dinners now earmarked for us.

We advanced a few too many steps forward but the Iftar hand-off remains flawless.

Four Iftar Dinners now picked up.

Sayeda Khadija Centre prepared 800 Iftar Dinners for today’s Drive-Thru Iftar.

The Efficiency of this Drive-Thru Iftar must be recognized.

It took all of FOUR Minutes from Entry to Iftar Pickup to Exit.


MashAllah upon all today’s volunteers at Sayeda Khadija Centre.

Everything was smooth and easy.

6:04 p.m.

Already en route home.


Time for Drive-Thru Iftar Dinner . . .


Listening to Imam Slimi during Sayeda Khadija Centre’s Pre-Iftar Lecture Livestream,

We learned that 200 Iftar Dinners were not picked up !

They were scrambling to distribute all those dinners to shelters and anywhere else quickly before sunset time.

Drive-Thru Iftars at SKC were planned for Saturdays and Sundays between 6 p.m and 7 p.m,

until further notice for the remainder of Ramadan 2021.

With so much confused messaging from the Ontario Government these past hours,

This weekend might be the last for Drive-Thru Iftars in Ontario this year.

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  1. Humaira fatima said:

    Do they still have iftars over the weekend?