Day 30 – Meet Ziyaad Mia – Creator and Project Co-ordinator of Give 30 Campaign

If you don’t try and fail, you won’t really learn anything. And if you don’t even try, you won’t even fail.

Says Ziyaad Mia (@Give_30), Creator and Project Co-ordinator of the Give 30 Campaign.

Today, 30 Masjids met Give 30 on Day 30 of Ramadan 2013

Give 30 is a month long project to raise money during the Month of Ramadan with proceeds earmarked towards alleviating hunger through Food Banks across Canada.

It continues past the end of Ramadan until September 9 of this year, meaning if you’re learning about Give 30 just now, you can still do your bit to fight hunger.

Ziyaad Mia, Creator and Project Coordinator of Give30, Toronto City Hall Green Roof, Wednesday August 7 2013

We met up on the Green Roof at Toronto City Hall, where Ziyaad shared some insights on leading this initiative over the past two years.

Watch the video above for the full 411.



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