Day 18 – LIVESTREAM – Dhuhr – Bayan: Continuing Series from the Lives of the Sahabah (RA) – Markham Masjid – Islamic Society of Markham

After yesterday’s post about what happened at the Islamic Society of Markham,

Followed by the update posted earlier today,

I wanted to have something positive on 30 Masjids about Markham Masjid.

So I screen-captured the following images from Salat Al Dhuhr, plus a recording of the Bayan, or Reminder, delivered afterwards.

From the Masjid’s official Livestream :

Adhan Al Dhuhr, Call to The Midday Prayer made inside Markham Masjid, The Islamic Society of Markham.

Iqamah for Salat Al Dhuhr, Standing in straight line shoulder-to-shoulder, to perform The Midday Prayer.

After Salat Al Dhuhr,

A short Bayan/Reminder in a continuing Series about the Lives of The Sahabah, the Companions of Prophet (upon whom be peace) . . .


. . . Definitely something positive,


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