Day 11 – Masjid Zakariya – Rouge Park, Scarborough

WHAT IF… There was a masjid inside or on the edge of Canada’s Newest National Urban Park?

Iftars are served in the basement. The brothers pray on the main floor. Sisters on the second.

On my way biking to Masjid Zakariya, I had the unusual craving for apple pie…

When it was Iftar Time, a South Asian brother produced a huge pan filled with apple cinnamon pie crumble.

Without asking for more, he immediately forced a second slice onto my plate. I did not hesitate!

The last time something like this happened, I was in Makkah, in the Sacred Masjid, tweeting photos of my umrah… I was hungry, then this suddenly happened:

[blackbirdpie url=”″]


After Iftar Dinner and after  Iftar Apple Pie Dessert, I introduce myself and meet Abdul Kareem.

Brother Abdul Kareem volunteers as the Muezzin of Masjid Zakariya. Here he happily holds up the original Phase 1 Fundraising photo board to show how far they have come in six short years.

Two years they planted one hundred trees on the property and added much of the Islamic themed landscaping. Many of them fruit trees.

Sometimes deer inside Rouge Park will come up to the back fence of the Masjid, and Muslims will feed them the fruit from the trees.

In what other Masjid in Toronto can you feed deer? Or see rabbits running around? Or Trees that grow out of landscaped crescents?

Adhan Al Isha.

End of twenty Rakats of Taraweeh Prayer.

Travelling Pocketgnomes Chico Mouse and A Girl Named Leroy like this masjid.

Like them, many Muslims once they find out about Masjid Zakariya will travel great distances to come and pray here.

Some brothers expressed how the peace of mind they found here, compelling them to spend their Itikaaf here rather than anywhere else.

Everybody was extremely friendly towards me. And they will be to you too. So plan a visit, InshAllah!

At 11140 Sheppard Avenue East just north of Kingston Road, this is Toronto’s eastern most Masjid before you hit the city’s Border.

Its backyard borders on Rouge Park. You do not feel you are in Toronto anymore. Physically or Spiritually.

Beautiful Masjids in or on the edge of National Urban Parks will do that to you.


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