30Mosques.com | Day 1: The Journey Begins

By Aman and Bassam

Tonight my friend Bassam Tariq and I came up with an insanely random idea: What if we prayed at a different mosque every single day for the month of Ramadan? Hence, this Web site was born.

Tonight we prayed at Masjid Rehman, located on West 29th Street and Broadway. The place was insanely jam packed, you should have seen how many taxi cabs were parked outside the place.

This is a true story: I was so cramped inside the masjid, that when I went down for sajdah (the prostration), some guy behind me had his head between my feet.

I didn’t realize that, so when I got up for jalsah (the sitting), I ended up sitting on his head. And it took me about two full seconds to realize the rock-hard cushion I was sitting on was someone’s head lol.

But hey, I actually love praying in mosques that are cramped. I dunno, to me there’s something beautiful about dozens of people swarming a place for the common goal of worship.

They gave everyone there free boxes of Desi food. It was pretty good, it had biryani, chicken tikka, kabob, roti and chick peas inside. Serious props goes to the people who made the food, which must have been for at least 200 people

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