30 MORE | VIDEO – Friday Sermon – Jumah Khutbah for Québec – Vancouver Muslim Community Centre – British Columbia, Canada

My video from today’s Friday Sermon, Jumah Khutbah, in downtown Vancouver:

I asked the regular Friday Khatib of VMCC, Vancouver Muslim Community Centre, permission to record today’s Khutbah. He said okay.

I anticipated today’s Khutbah would include Québec, he confirmed it would….

He provided a Big Picture, Civilizational Perspective, on Sunday Night’s events in Sainte-Foy/Québec City, and reflected upon Canada’s reaction and Canadians’ response.

His words were exactly the medicine I needed to feel better today; to heal better today.

Perhaps watching it, you may feel better too.


Twitter: #KhutbahForQuebec.

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