30 MORE | NCCM : “We are beyond disturbed by the allegations of two Muslim women being followed home from the mosque and a gun being pointed at them.” — Kitchener, Ontario

CTV News Kitchener, Wednesday April 12 2023

“We were driving down and then suddenly you hear,

just a honking at us,

and there’s a car speeding right towards us,

“So we stop the car and I’m thinking okay maybe the trunk is open,

or the gas cap is loose,

“We roll down the window,

he rolls down his,

then we just see him pull out his phone and point it at us and we’re like,

okay that’s weird.

“And then suddenly,

in the other hand,

he pulls up a gun and points it at us.

“He had his gun prepared it wasn’t in a glove compartment or anything like that.

“He was videotaping us – so he seemed prepared to be doing something.”

“Be wary of everybody and please be careful of people pulling you over or anything like that.”

Muslim Sister in Kitchener, Ontario

MAC Kitchener Masjid, on Victoria Street North.

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