30 MORE | Day 30 – Eid Al Fitr – “Today, I celebrated Eid with one of my closest/dearest/oldest friend who is a new convert.” — By Nidaa

Guest Blog Post By Sister Nidaa (@Nidz__)

Today, I celebrated Eid with one of my closest/dearest/oldest friend who is a new convert.

Even if most of my family are doing Eid tomorrow I’m glad I did it today so she wasn’t alone in her Eid celebrations.

(Note: the mosque I most frequently attend/follow declared Eid today)

I took her to Islamic Institute of Toronto (@IIT1630) for Eid salaah.

It was her first time here and she loved the community!

(During the khutba they made sure to mention the murder and disappearance of indigenous women/girls in our country)

After Eid Salaah we went for brunch and had a hard time finish eating everything since our bodies became used to fasting lol.

My sister and brother-in-law are celebrating Eid today so when they found out we were too they invited us over for sweets/desserts.

They also ended up giving us gifts which we did not expect at all!!


After my sisters we ended up going to a few other places.

Look at this Eid Mubarak banner a house had up!

Made us so happy.

We needed to pray Dhuhr so found a mosque to pray in.

It was empty and all the lights were turned off.

But the peace and quiet made it easier to reflect when running on little sleep and in the middle of the day.

We obviously needed to grab bubble tea as well and use our metal straws before our Eid day nap lol.

Spending the day with her and having her constantly thank me for being with her made me realize she might’ve had to spend Eid alone or not doing much if I wasn’t with her.

No one should be celebrating Eid alone when our ummah is so big.

It got me thinking for Eid al Adha in August I should plan to host an Eid celebration for converts/reverts or those who don’t have much family here in Toronto.

If you want to get involved or have ideas let me know!

Insha’Allah we pull this off for our peoples. ❤️

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