30 MORE | Day 24 – Colour Me Salah – Eid Souk – Run The World Summit – Square One Shopping Centre – Mississauga, Ontario

Colour Me Salah has a booth at the Eid Souk happening this weekend, Saturday April 15 & Sunday April 16 2023, inside Square One Shopping Centre.

Let’s listen as Sister Sharika shares a little bit about Colour Me Salah…

They are children sized prayer mats, with black outline designs on white.

Children then use Acrylic Paint Markers to paint or fill in the design.

What the children are doing is manifold.

They are colouring, so that’s fun.

By colouring in the design of their prayer, they become Muslim Makers, and end up with a sense of ownership in the Prayer Mat, now with vibrant colours.

Salah, Prayer, is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Colour Me Salah is an excellent way for Muslim Kids to exercise Self-Agency, first by making their own prayer mats, then by praying on them throughout their childhood.

It comes with a drawstring carrying bag, so taking care of their prayer mat helps introduce the concept of Responsibility too.

Two designs are available, one is a rocket, the other is a balloon theme.

So what might Colour Me Salah have to do with Masjids?

Both Prayer Mats designs choices includes a Masjid which the children would be colouring in.

For Parents who take their kids to Taraweeh Prayers,

Colour Me Salah gives the children something to keep themselves occupied with allowing their parents to focus on their Rakats.

If you can’t make it the Eid Souk at Square One during this final weekend of Ramadan 2023,

Colour Me Salah prayer mats are available online and can be found on social.

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