Day 13 – VIDEO – First Ever Drive-In Iftar – Islamic Centre of Canada – ISNA Mississauga – 2200 South Sheridan Way

Sunday afternoon April 25 2021 was

Islamic Centre of Canada‘s First Ever “Drive-In” Iftar !

Because of Safety Guideline changes

by The Province of Ontario for Houses of Worship,

Plus the Logistics necessary to meet them,

ICC’s originally intended Drive-Thru Iftar was cancelled

for the second weekend of Ramadan 2021.

ISNA instead did a Drive-In Iftar in place of the Drive-Thru.

You had to pre-register choosing one of two Drive-In timings.

We booked the earlier 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. reservation.

Experience was pleasant & MUCH more than that too.

A physical connection with this Masjid,

OR ANY Masjid

during Ramadan 2021,

Even as constrained as

Remaining inside your car

On the parking lot

Outside of the masjid the whole time,

Is “Ramadan Changing”.

That missing Ramadan feeling feels less missing.

Difference between last weekend’s Drive-Thru Iftar

& this Sunday’s Drive-In Iftar ?

Wondering about this & found an answer while waiting in the car.

During regular Ramadans,

Some Masjids provide Public Iftars where men & women line-up separately,

Await their turn to pick-up their own Iftar Dinners,

First Come, First Served,

Cafeteria Style,

Then go & sit somewhere inside the Masjid to eat.

Other Masjids have people sit down in pre-determined places,

While Volunteers deliver Iftar Dinner plates to them.

Network theory in practice.

One is the Fast Food Counter,

The other is Table Service.

Sunday’s Drive-In Iftar was the second one.

Where else are we seeing this during Ramadan 2021 ?

Muslims lining up at Pop-Up Vaccination Clinics to get their first dose,


Booking one at a Clinic.

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