What makes Fasting a Special Gift from God? | By Madiha

By Madiha | Guest Blog Post

I met Himy last year at the Jane’s Walk picnic for volunteers and learned many things during our interesting conversation.

When he asked me to share about my experience of fasting, I hesitated because I am not nearly as observant as him nor other guests on this site.

He wanted me to say something anyway and now that I have stumbled upon this website again, I feel compelled to share my experience.

For me, fasting is a way to reduce some of the “noise” of the physical world and try to tune into the spiritual realm.

There is something about not being able to run to the fridge for comfort food and having only God to run towards.

That, and the way that Iftar time brings busy family members together at the table, makes fasting a special gift from God.

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