Night 9 – VIDEO – Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Sunset Prayer – Jamiat-Ul-Ansar of Brampton – Great Lakes Masjid – 291 Great Lakes Drive

Last year during Ramadan 2019,

I photoblogged my visit to Jamiat-Ul-Ansar of Brampton, Great Lakes Masjid, on Night 26 of Ramadan 2019 for Isha and Taraweeh.

Also prayed JUMAH tul WIDAH 2019, Fourth Friday of Ramadan 2019 at Jamiat-Ul-Ansar.

Brampton’s Great Lakes Masjid has a dedicated and active congregation.

They remain busy with daily, weekly, and monthly programs year round.

When the Holy Month of Ramadan comes, it’s even more busy.

Pandemic Lockdown has reminded how central Masjids are in the lives of the observant Muslim.

You can see a handful of people remaining in their cars, or standing outside the fence, looking and listening via loudspeaker to their Masjid’s Call to Prayer at Sunset.

Adhan Al Maghrib.

Coming here for these few minutes, may be the only Physical connection Brampton Muslims have to their Great Lakes Masjid in Ramadan 2020.

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