Night 30 – VIDEO – Negative Moonsighting Report for Shawwal 1444 – Highway 410 at Highway 7 – Brampton, Ontario, Canada

( NOTE: In the video I made a verbal typo, Friday is April 21st 2023, I wrongly said ‘Friday April 22nd’, oops! )


After praying Maghrib,

I searched for the new crescent moon tonight for at least five minutes.

It is a partly cloud filled sky tonight above Brampton, and the entire Toronto Metropolitan Area.

I could not find the new crescent.

However, for whatever atmospheric reason, I had a number of false alarms of glimpsing what I initially thought was a hairline thin new crescent.

Something in the air this evening created numerous lensflare like mirage images that for a moment looked like it could have been the new moon.

Now at home reviewing the photographs I took, I can conclusively confirm what I did keep seeing was NOT the new moon.

This is a Negative Moonsighting Report on Thursday evening April 20 2023, from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The Hilal Council of Canada is accepting a confirmed Positive Moonsighting Report from Arica, Chile, South America,

So most if not all the undecideds in the Toronto Metropolitan Area will be observing Eid Al Fitr tomorrow morning, InshAllah.

Eid Mubarak to all.


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