Day 7 – JUMAH – First Friday – Ajyal Islamic Centre – 181 Keefer Place – Downtown Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory

First Friday of Ramadan 2017 finds me taking it easy and attending Ajyal Islamic Centre which is the closest Jumah Location from my place in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

It’s early enough that I can join the first row, before it becomes the second row later on, due to everyone squeezing to allow as many fellow worshippers as possible.

Ajyal Islamic Centre regularly holds two Jumah Khutbahs and Prayers. The First Sermon in English, starts at 1:30 p.m.

A second Friday Sermon, this time in Arabic, begins at 2:10 p.m.

Mixing it up today, it’s Arabic first.


Because many people choose to attend Friday Khutbahs in the language of their choice, is most likely the reason why Brother Ali Haider gives us a brief summary in English of what will formally be delivered during the Arabic Sermon.

Today’s Khatib (Speaker) is a visiting scholar from Al-Azhar, the oldest University in the World. Being Egyptian, Arabic his first language.

First Adhan Al Jumah. First Call to Friday Prayer. This gives us a few minutes time for optional supplementary prayers, sunnah prayers, if one so chooses.

The Second Adhan Al Jumah, Second Call to Friday Prayer is said to indicate the Khutbah, sermon, is about to begin.

Today’s Khatib, speaker.

Because of the summary in English earlier, I am able to recognize Arabic words now and again.

I randomly follow along, keeping the English gist of the sermon in mind while listening now.

It would be helpful if other Masjids also provided English Summaries for sermons delivered in other languages.

It makes a difference.

Grateful that Brother Ali did so today.

It’s overlap time inside Ajyal Islamic Centre.

The end of the first Khutbah, with people exiting, as new people now arrive to attend the second Jumah Prayer.

I had intended to pray the First Friday at Jamia Masjid, the City’s First Masjid.

InshAllah, I’ll do still be able to make Jumah there during Ramadan 2017.

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