Day 26 – VIDEO – Community Drive-Thru Iftar – Masjid Khalid Bin Al Walid (Khalid Mosque) – 16 Bethridge Road – Etobicoke


Masjid Khalid Bin Al-Walid hosted a Free First Come, First Served,

Drive-Thru Iftar on Saturday May 8 2021.

This was their second ever Drive-Thru Iftar,

following the one they did last year during Ramadan 2020.

We arrived shortly before the official 7 p.m. start time,

And they were ready to receive us.

They had at least three Iftar Table Stations set up with sets of volunteers at each one.

This would space out and speed up with the efficient Iftar Pickups in a tightly spaced parking lot.

Being among the first arrivals,

We experienced what has become a theme during our Drive-Thru Iftar masjid visits this year,

Volunteers weren’t as ready to immediately accept cash donations as they were with handing the Iftar Pickups.

That’s okay.

Everyone arriving and donating after us would benefit from whatever readiness was made up on the fly because of our Sadaqah, Masjid, and Zakat donations.

The Iftar from Masjid Khalid Bin Al-Walid was incredible !

They made efforts to include everything you’d want in an Iftar Dinner.



Each serving included small items for dessert.

They insisted on water bottles for each of us in the car.

Even plastic utensils were in the bag.

The dinners were different.

We got macaroni and cheese with BBQ chicken wings versions ,

Plus one dinner with rice and boneless chicken.

Khalid Masjid is currently fundraising to renovate the roof among other regular operating costs,

You can help here :

During the Lockdown,

This Masjid has continued to provide Janaza / Funeral services.

Masjid Khalid Bin Al-Walid first opened to the public in December 1998.

I first blogged about Masjid Khalid Bin Al-Walid on Day 8 of Ramadan 2012.


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