Day 25 – Malton Islamic Centre – Mississauga | By Zainab Omar

By Zainab Omar

There is a centre in Brampton called The Lote Tree Foundation.

It is a learning and resource center run by teachers who are from the GTA and studied traditional Islamic sciences for a number of years overseas.

Sisters can join the mailing list and subscribe to an “Educated Muslimah Series” which is primarily a monthly Qur’an Khatm.

Sisters can sign up for sections of the Qur’an to read in advance, with the remaining being read together during a monthly meetup. Today’s meetup was held at the Malton Islamic Centre.

It is the first one that I attended in person.

The centre is on a street with many places of worship.

Entering from Derry Road, one passes a Hindu Mandir, a Greek Orthodox Church and then enters the Islamic Centre.

Upon seeing the centre, I recall being here last year when Habib Umar visited North America for the first time and visited Malton to deliver a lecture that was initially meant for sisters only, but due to his popularity was opened for an audience of both genders.

The session consisted of family and marital advice for improving relations within the home.

It was powerful and moving and translated by one of Habib’s top interpreters,  who is a North American convert who also, studied abroad for many years and currently resides in Tarim, Yemen.

The audio and video from Habib’s Malton lecture can still be accessed, alhamdullilah.



The outside of the masjid is very welcoming.

The challenge is figuring out where to enter. It is just prior to Asr.

The first door I see is locked so I try the front. I see a brother reading Qur’an inside.

I peer in and he opens the door. I ask how to enter the sisters area and he points upstairs.

I am happy I figured out a way to get in, so I go inside.

The sisters section is an upstairs balcony which blocks off the view to the lower level.

It is spacious and accommodating. There is currently no one else present.

The back of the sisters side facing away from the balcony has seating.

I peer over to see the brothers side and recall the packed lecture over a year ago when Habib sat at the front, Shaikh AbdulKarim on his left and Dr. Umar to his right.

I miss that gathering and feel blessed to have attended.

Finally more sisters arrive and I discover today’s gathering is in the basement.

The session begins with the teacher reading from The Etiquette of the Quran, a classical Islamic text by the 13th century scholar Imam Nawawi.

The reminders are nice.

We conclude the lesson; complete the recitation of outstanding sections of the Qur’an to complete a full reading; recite the supplication for completing the Qur’an.

It is now time for maghrib and breaking of the day’s fast.

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