30Mosques.com | Side Note: Breaking Dawn

By Bassam Tariq

The following photos and writing were done while driving through the Appalachians in West Virginia

We leave at dusk and head East. The car is quiet. All you hear are the sounds of the wind, the trucks passing and wipers making way in the fog. Clouds gather and your eyes get heavy. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Don’t fall asleep. Sleep will derail us. It will kill us.

Cutting through a mountain is work. Clouds live here. They are happy hugging trees, steeples and windshields. From this close, they are puffs of second hand smoke but healthier.

The rocking of the road tries again to put us to sleep but a light rips the clouds. Our eyes widen. We squint and then pull the visors down. The day begins and we are reminded that this is what we live for.

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