30Mosques.com | Let the Countdown Begin!

By Aman and Bassam

Hmm, I should print t-shirts that say “30 Mosques 2010 Road Tour.” Actually, I’m still single, so I should probably not.

We’re a little more than two weeks away before we start our journey and many of you guys have asked us where we’re going.

Here’s the official list and we hope to meet a lot of you guys if we come through your neck of the woods. Above is a sophisticated visual arrangement of those dates that you can click on (aka I forced my little brother to print out a map from Google Image Search and draw the route with a pen). To all you guys who have given their support for our fundraising efforts, thanks so much and make sure you tell everyone you know about it too!

The actual dates are subject to the official moon sighting that starts the month of Ramadan. We’ll be posting the specific mosques we’re visiting soon.

8/12 New York, NY
8/13 Augusta, ME
8/14 Boston, MA
8/15 Philadelphia, PA
8/16 Washington DC
8/17 Charlotte, NC
8/18 Atlanta, GA
8/19 Jacksonville, FL
8/20 Birmingham, AL
8/21 New Orleans, LA
8/22 Houston, TX
8/23 Oklahoma City, OK
8/24 Wichita, KS
8/25 Denver, CO
8/26 Santa Fe, NM
8/27 Phoenix, AZ
8/28 Los Angeles, CA
8/29 Las Vegas, NV
8/30 Salt Lake City, UT
8/31 Boise, ID
9/1 Bozeman, MT
9/2 Fargo, ND
9/3 Minneapolis, MN
9/4 Milwaukee, WI
9/5 Cedar Rapids, IA
9/6 Chicago, IL
9/7 Memphis, TN
9/8 Lexington, KY
9/9 Columbus, OH
9/10 Dearborn, MI

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