30 MORE | VIDEO – GenM 7.0 – Jamac Hareed – Mohamed Yaffa – Omar Husain – Hamza Abdullah – Generation Muslim Conference 7.0 – Surrey, British Columbia

Whose Line is it Anyway?Sh. Jamac Hareed

The ever-changing opinion of Islam and Muslims around the world especially in the media, particularly given recent political events, is depicted as darkness. It is clearly not an accurate representation of our faith and our communities. So how do we reclaim the light the Allah (swt) has given us? What is our responsibility as servants of Allah (swt)? Sh. Jamac Hareed describes how to turn darkness into positive action and light.

Beyond the BubbleSh. Mohamed Yaffa

What is our role as a community to assist our fellow community members? Sh. Yaffa will share how families can partake in Dawah and serve as active members in the community using our Prophets (peace be upon them) as examples to guide the way. Where is our community right now and where can we be if we were to be in service of the Deen?

Communication Matters – Let’s Talk!Sh. Omar Husain

There is no shortage of messages – the TV, the internet, the radio, social media, friends, teachers, co-workers. This session focuses on educating parents about the difficult messages youth are facing and how to speak to them about it. What is going on within the high school and university halls? Sh. Omar will provide a practical guide for parents and their children on how to enhance their communication with one another, increase in their closeness, and how to strengthen their overall relationship.

Success in the Media EyeBr. Hamza Abdullah

Br. Hamza Abdullah shares his life story and the steps he took to achieve his goals. How did he attain this success at a young age while maintaining his deen? What is his experience of being in the public eye, and what are the pressures in the locker room of the NFL?

On CultureSh. Mohamed Yaffa

Doing the Heisman with @hamzaabdullah21

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