30 MORE | Salat al Jumah, Friday Prayer – WUF7 Green Pavillion, World Urban Forum 7, Medellín, Colombia

InshAllah, Alhumdulillah, I will properly updated this blog post. For the moment Here are three images I took during our Jumah in the World Urban Forum in Medellín…

Recording of Jumah Qhutbah I delivered in WUF7 Muslim Prayer Space on Friday April 11, 2014:


As you may hear, I shared some of what I learned about the Local Muslim Community in Medellín during the weeks I have been here ahead of WUF7.

I compared Muslim Communities of Medellín and Rio De Janeiro where WUF5 was held in 2010, and find similarities in both.

To my memory, this was the first time I had ever delivered the Jumah Qhutbah.

To ensure I didn’t screw up, I tweeted Shaikh Faraz Rabbani beforehand for a quick How-To:

During the Qhutbah, I held my Blackberry to keep track of time, while glancing at the above tweet to remind myself of what I needed to cover to meet the minimum requirements:

Islam has much to offer Today’s Cities when questions of Climate Change, Rising Tides on Island Nations, Densification, Public Transport, Eminent Domain, Urban Resilience, Income Inequality, Housing are discussed.

My Qhutbah touched upon Urbanism found in Islam and Islamic History and tied those insights and instructions into the discussions of the past week during the World Urban Forum.



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