30 MORE | Day 18 – “Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver to broadcast the Adhaan—the Muslim Call to prayer—daily at sunset” – Mayor Kennedy Stewart – City of Vancouver

May 11, 2020

A Message from the Mayor

“Ramadan has and always will be a very blessed and active month for our Muslim community. That’s why I’m very pleased that City of Vancouver staff have been able to work with Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver to broadcast the Adhaan—the Muslim Call to prayer—daily at sunset and coinciding with the opening of fasting for remaining days of Ramadan 2020.

Since measures to contain COVID-19 began, daily prayers and gatherings at the Historic Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver, British Columbia’s first Mosque, have been suspended along with all other faith communities.

Broadcasting the call of the Adhaan gives our friends and neighbours in the Muslim community, and all communities, faith that the time will come soon when we can all gather at our chosen public places together once again.

I have had occasion to attend Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver soon after I took office as Mayor in the aftermath of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting. The gathering of all faiths under the roof of this Mosque gave peace, hope and inspiration to all those who attended and is emblematic of the place our Mosque has in the fabric of what makes Vancouver a special place to live.

I would also like to acknowledge the pioneering humanitarian contributions of Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver, the Ramadan Spirit Food drive initiative and the ongoing work of the Muslim Care Centre that provides, even in the midst of this pandemic, several hundred meals daily year round outside its location at 140 Hastings Street as well as support services to the community there.

We join everyone in our City and around the world in certainty that with our collective faith, discipline and unity that we will emerge from this crisis in safety and health with stronger bonds of faith and friendship.

Wishing our Muslim Community Ramadan Mubarak!”

Mayor Kennedy Stewart


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