30 MORE – CANADA | VIDEO: Sheikh Hani – Imam of Al Azhar, Egypt – Qur’an Recitation at Centre for Islamic Development – Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The Imam of Azhar, Sheikh Hani, has Ijazah in The 10 Different Ways of Recitation and The 4 Variant Ones too.

“His speciality is the Qur’an.

“Sheikh Hani has won many awards, including the King’s Award in Saudi Arabia and a raft of other places.

“CID’s resident Imam, Sheikh Ahmed, also a Graduate of Ahzar (in Shariah) has Ijazah to teach Qur’an.

“Both are hufaz of high quality and both have documented sanad ( chain up to the Messenger of Allah ( s.a.w).”


Sheikh Hani - Imam of Al-Azhar - HiMY SYeD - 30 Masjids CANADA - Friday Midnight June 10-11 2016 - Centre for Islamic Development - Halifax, Nova Scotia

PHOTO: At Centre for Islamic Development, after Taraweeh Prayers on Friday Night / Early Saturday Morning; Sheikh Hani, Imam of Al Azhar, Oldest University in The World, with HiMY SYeD of 30 Masjids CANADA.

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