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Amira Elghawaby — Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia — First Official Community Visit — London, Ontario

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Canada’s anti-Islamophobia representative began an official tour of Community Visits with her first stop being London, Ontario, where a Muslim family was killed in June 2021 in what police describe as a hate-motivated attack.

The weekend before Ramadan, March 18 & 19 2023, Amira Elghawaby met with about 200 members of London’s Muslim community. — HïMY SYeD

“The call for the creation of a special office to combat Islamophobia came from Muslim communities across Canada, but most strongly from London Muslim communities,”

“I knew that I had to come to London.” — Amira Elghawaby

“It was very important for me, as the first official trip that I made within 30 days of taking office, to come to London to meet with its Muslim communities because of the tragedy that saw the loss of the beautiful members of the Afzaal family.

“Communities are still coping with the aftermath of that.

“This is where the recommendations to combating Islamophobia emerged, including the recommendation to create an office for a special representative on combatting Islamophobia, came loudest from London Muslims.

“I’ve come here to let people know the work is starting,

“That I’m beginning to consult with community members, starting with London’s Muslim community.” — Amira Elghawaby, in front of Mural painted by Yumna Afzaal. Sunday March 19 2023

( Photo Credit: Mike Hensen / The London Free Press )

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