Night 7 – VIDEO – Public Adhan Al Maghrib – Call to The Sunset Prayer – Islamic Centre of Canada – ISNA Canada – Mississauga

With the noise by-law now suspended until the end of Ramadan 2020, the First Masjid in Mississauga to broadcast a Public Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Sunset Prayer, was Islamic Centre of Canada at 2200 South Sheridan Way.

The ICC masjid is located inside the ISNA Canada Complex, opposite a Queen Elizabeth Way highway.

Being in an industrial area, this is a destination Masjid, one you have to take transit or drive out to.

Unless you drove out there like brother Adam Moustafa did to record and tweet out his video, no one would hear it.

But that’s not the point.

It’s an extra-ordinary permission granted by The City of Mississauga to its residents during Pandemic Lockdown in the Holy Month of Ramadan 2020.

Use it or lose it, the saying goes.

So even if there is almost no one there to hear it, the Adhan will now be heard in South Mississauga . . .

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