Night 4 – VIDEO – Public Adhan Al Maghrib – The Call to Sunset Prayer – Markham Masjid – Islamic Society of Markham

On an overcast and slighty rainy Sunday evening as Maghrib Sunset time arrived,

The First Ever Public Adhan Al Maghrib, The Call to Sunset Prayer, was broadcast in Markham, Ontario, a city immediately north of Toronto.

I understand they will broadcast The Call to Sunset Prayer, via loudspeakers, every night during Ramadan 2020.

As you see from Sister Aisha’s tweet, at least one Neighbourhood Muslimah can break her fast while listening to this Public Adhan.


Markham Masjid is one of the few Masjids I have yet to visit in person.

InshAllah, a future in-person visit to write up a proper 30Masjids story.

Markham Masjid is located at 2900 Denison Street and is one of two Masjids operated by The Islamic Society of Markham.

That means I’ll have to visit ISM’s newer, second masjid location too !

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