Day 7 / Night 8 – Maghrib – Ottawa Main Mosque – Ottawa Muslim Association – 251 Northwestern Avenue – Ottawa, Ontario

Praise be to God alone,

We would like to thank Mayor Jim Watson for his incredibly thoughtful gesture, following many other Canadian cities in allowing the athan to broadcast at Maghreb (sunset) everyday until Ramadan ends.

We would like to also remind our Masajid to take this opportunity by showing extra kindness and care to their neighbours.

Tune in to our to hear the Athan live streamed tonight at 8:10 pm, inshaAllah”

Ottawa Muslim Association

A few hours ago,

The City of Ottawa granted permission for local Masjids to broadcast via loudspeakers Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to Sunset Prayer.

That left only a few late afternoon hours to figure out how best to wire up loudspeakers atop the Ottawa Muslim Association’s Minaret.

They tried, yet needed more time.

Ottawa Muslim Association :

“…We did our best but it was very little time to prepare for today, can you guess how long the wires need to be to connect the speakers on top of the minaret?!”

Allah (SWT) Rewards efforts for Good Deeds, any results are by His Will.


On the Last Friday of Ramadan 2013, Jumah tul Widah, Day 25, I heard their Adhan from inside the masjid.


On the Second Friday of Ramadan 2020, Adhan Al Maghrib, Call to The Sunset Prayer, will heard from outside via Loudspeakers atop the Ottawa Muslim Association Minaret.

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