Day 19 – Jumu’ah – Bosnian Islamic Association | By Jasmine Amoh

By Jasmine Amoh (@amajas)

For the past ten years or so, I’ve driven past this Masjid, always telling myself that Insha’Allah, one day, I’ll make it here for Jumu’ah.

Problem was, I never saw any sisters entering, so I decided to call up this morning and inquire whether there was a separate entrance for sisters, and if the khutbah would be in English.

“Oh yes sister, there is a separate entrance, and yes, the khutbah will be in English, not to worry!” said the bubbly brother on the line.

Of course I was delighted to hear this, so I prepared to head up the street on my lunch hour for Jumu’ah.

The Bosnian Islamic Association, otherwise known as the Dzamja Mosque is located at 122 North Queen, in an industrial area, on the corner of North Queen and The East Mall in Etobicoke.

One would never believe this is home to a Masjid.

I recall a few years ago there was an exotic club being directly beside it!!

The Masjid was founded in 1977 under the name “Association of Islamic Community Gazi Husrev-Beg”. It’s been operating under its current name (BIAGH) ever since 1995.

The main reason of its foundation was to respond to the growing demand of religious needs by its members. This was made possible by a full-time Imam, who has been serving the community uninterruptedly since June 1982.

When I arrived, I easily found a parking spot, so I thought there wouldn’t be many people here today…. Boy was I wrong!!!

The sister’s space was a bit too small to fit us all, so we had to push back the barriers a bit in order for everyone to fit. This caused a bit of commotion but Alhamdulillah everyone calmed down once space was made.

I loved the many different cultures present: Somali, Bosnian, Serbian, and Pakistani from what I could make out, but regardless, we are all brothers and sisters in Islam.

The main prayer area is huge, and the mihrab had such beautiful carvings and calligraphy, Mash’Allah!!

I had to rush back to the office after Jumu’ah, but took a few minutes to look around and was able to snap a picture of a display in the front asking for donations for some community initiatives taking place.

Not 100% sure, as some of it wasn’t in English.

I don’t think Iftar is offered at this Masjid during the week, but I could be wrong.

Overall, my theory about this Masjid not being busy proved to be wrong.

I was blocked in my parking spot for about 10 minutes, due to the numerous cars (mostly taxi cabs) that blocked me in.

Needless to say, I got back to the office quite late ….

But it was definitely worth it!!



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  1. Dear sister.Why would be so hard to believe this is masjid?There is so many masjids in Ontario that don’t look like masjids we have back home.After all we are in another country and everybody have to start from somewhere.What you have said about exotic club few years back is what really bothers me.I ,as a long time member at Bosnian I.A.never heard of exotic club under the same roof.Yes there was family gathering of Bosniaks with traditional music from time to time,but thanks to some individuals and their coments,Bosnian community and youth lost this.But I was witness many times of middle eastern and African muslim ladies gathering there and dancing half naked with loud music.So this is what we could call exotic club isn’t it?

  2. Are you deleting coments????