Day 16 – I Am Overwhelmed

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After the earlier CBC Radio One report and online news item, I received numerous emails with offers to help get me a set of wheels to continue 30 Masjids.

I did not know how to react.

Being without the bike had me walking Wednesday evening and using Public Transit to reach Thursday’s destination.

I delayed accepting anyone’s offer immediately, while deciding whether I would continue without the bike, or picking up a new bike, or getting a Metropass and using TTC and GO Transit until the end of Ramadan.

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Saturday morning, Kim Saunders from Canadian Tire called. She got my cell number somehow and wanted to help.

Somewhere in those few minutes of a phone call, I went from hesitating to accepting Canadian Tire’s offer over any of the others than were now coming in.

Over the past few months, I witnessed Canadian Tire’s sincerity in wanting to help rebuild the Castle which was burned down by arson in Jamie Bell Adventure Playground in High Park.

I heard that same sincerity from Kim over the phone. That’s what sealed it for me and why I accepted CT’s offer.

We decided to meet at Canadian Tire’s Lakeshore and Leslie location the next day, Sunday Day 17, at Noon.

To be fair, without the CBC‘s nor The Toronto Star‘s news stories about the bike theft, this offer from Canadian Tire would never have come about.

I asked Kim to inform them I’d be picking up a new ride from Canadian Tire to complete 30 Masjids in 30 Days in The Greater Toronto Area.

For the time being, there was one single Masjid I knew from the get-go I would not be cycling to:

Masjid An-Noor in St Catharines.

With the peace of mind knowing I would be picking up a new bike the following day, I headed to the Greyhound Bus Terminal downtown and caught the first bus to St Kitts….

There was WiFi on the bus, and while catching some shut-eye, the following trickled into my Blackberry’s inbox:

Thanks for talking with me earlier! Canadian Tire is very excited to be able to help you get a new bike to finish your journey.

I just tried to call you but thought I’d follow up with an email too. Feel free to call or email me when you have a moment.

We think we’ve found some good options for a new bike but need to know what size frame you need – 18 or 20 inch?

While I was catching some much needed sleep, Canadian Tire was already working on which bike was best.


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  1. Inspiring Indeed!

    Looks GOOD on you Canadian tire.

    We need more Kim Saunders in this World.